About Anne-Marie Elias


My business and people experience has provided the foundation for my passions

  • I have 30 years working across government and NGOs in social change

  • I know what the problems are, who is working on them and who needs help

  • I speak about the topics that others ignore


I have extensive networks across Australia and Internationally

  • Networks through government, and academia

  • Networks through NGO’s, and communities

  • Networks through startup and tech

Anne-Marie Elias Dive Conference Speaker
Anne-Marie Elias

'Companies Today Must Realize The Power Of Human Centered innovation'

How Can I Help People?

Host/Speak/Guest At Your Event

When I Speak At Your Corporate, Business, Lifestyle Event

  • People Listen & Take Action

  • Business Owners Listen & Take Action

  • CEO’s Listen & Take Action

  • Governments Listen & Take Action

Implement Real Change

Together We Implement In Your Business Socially Engineered Human Centered Innovation That Brings About The Massive Changes That Society Is Desperate For

  • We cut through all the minefield of NGOs and social problems and cut to the chase of where you can make the biggest impact.

  • We connect to the right cause, organisations and communities – Matchmaking and aligning your values and legacies with the problem worth solving and the communities that are ready to help themselves.

Do You Want To Give And Help People By Creating A Legacy Of Contribution That Matters?

Where To Start?

If you want to help and know that the status quo isn’t working and are ready for something more meaningful – whether you know what your passion is or not?

I can help you focus your energy and resources on a project or a community that really needs the help and is ready and able to give you a good return on your investment – improving lives.

Anne-Marie Elias