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Hacking Domestic Violence

Will You Be Part Of The Change?

Vibewire in association with NCOSS, Jewish House, Exodus Foundation and Minerva Collective will be hosting the Hacking Domestic Violence hackathon in Ultimo during the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 December 2017.

Hackathon events are the lifeblood of the Australian innovation ecosystem – building capability, providing vital experience and generating networks, connections and showcasing the work of innovative young Australians.
But hackathons aren’t just about startups and technology – when we can add a social impact layer, they become a vital way of addressing intractable problems.

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Creating Positive Social Impact

TechFugees is a social enterprise mobilizing the international tech community to respond to the global refugee crisis. Through meetups and hackathons we bring together the tech community, NGOs and refugees to help design solutions to the problems they face.

We create genuine economic impacts through job creation for both refugees and Australians.
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Hack 4 Homelessness

We Believe Young People Should Create, Not Inherit The Future.

Vibewire in partnership with Jewish House, NCOSS, Exodus Foundation, Minerva Collective, SGCH, QBE Insurance, Domain hosted a #hack4homelessness on 15-17 September 2017.

Over 90 people participated in the hackathon including, coders, designers, architects, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts from Link Housing, Catholic Care, Exodus Foundation, Jewish House as well as people with lived experience of homelessness (past and current).

More than 80% of participants had never been to a hackathon before – and only a small number of people had previously met. We were all swimming in uncharted waters.

Over 36 hours, nine teams formed and developed solutions that addressed the key themes and problem statements.

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